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Connect with the Best of the Great Barrier Reef

The Superyacht Group GBR is dedicated to positioning the Great Barrier Reef as a premier Superyacht destination, spanning from Gladstone, the Whitsundays and Cairns to the Torres Straits. As a not-for-profit, we work closely with our members and stakeholders to actively promote this unique region for cruising touring, refit & maintenance, crew training and charter services.

Welcome to the Superyacht Group Great Barrier Reef

The Superyacht Group Great Barrier Reef’s charter is to provide complimentary information on all our stunning region has to offer, from things to see and do, through to first class services to ensure your visit here is exceptional.

  • Customs Clearances and Crew Visas
  • Great Barrier Reef Cruising Regulations
  • Marina Berthing and Island Access
  • Cruise and Land-based Itineraries
  • Superyacht Refit and Maintenance Facilities
  • High Quality Local Providers
  • Private Jet and Helicopter Services
  • Crew Training and Sourcing
  • Guides and Agents Details



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Discover the Great Barrier Reef Region

Tropical North Queensland’s landscapes are rare and diverse.  Boasting two world heritage listed areas where the Great Barrier Reef meets the world’s oldest rainforest, while running along the Queensland Coast, the Great Dividing Range marks the beginning of the Queensland outback to the west and the islands of the Torres Straits are set in the Coral Sea to the north.  The world’s oldest living cultures, the Australian Aboriginals and the Torres Strait Islanders call this culturally diverse area home. This nature based destination inspires hundreds of experiences from fishing and diving, to rainforest hiking and waterfalls, adventurous skydiving, mountain biking and rafting to cultural connections with our First Nations people and major sporting events.

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