Allamanda Carpet Cleaning

Specialised cleaning services with a customer-oriented focusRobert De Gregorio

Environmentally Friendly

Being environmentally friendly has been a consideration since our beginning. Our logo features an Allamanda flower and a Green Tree Frog, and is a constant reminder of our mission statement, encompassing indoor and outdoor environments.


Allamanda has been operating in Cairns for over 20 years. We are preferred suppliers to the Department of Education and Training and Network Restorers contractors to Suncorp, GIO, AAMI, APIA, Vero, AMP and QBE Insurance companies.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Using real-time microbial detection, we are able to test the biological contamination level of building material surfaces we can prove that our services are the most effective. We are committed to exceeding your expectation with each and every visit.