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Australian Reef Pilots

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Phone: +610412226822


Address: Level 21, 444 Queen Street, Brisbane City QLD

Innovative Solutions to Age Old Challenge

Our team of Reef pilots are responsible for ensuring the safe passage of the trading ships through the Great North East Channel, which enables trading ships to pass safely through the Torres Strait from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean and vice versa. Our team perform more that 500 of these pilotages annually. Hydrographers Passage was opened up to commercial shipping in 1984 and this passage is critical in supporting the efficient passage of vessels calling at Queensland’s primary coal trading ports of Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay. The team performs more than 500 of these operations annually.

Some of our specialist Reef Pilots are also exclusively recognized by Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority as Master Reef Guides, which is a Queensland Government initiative. Our team are the only Pilots in Australia licensed as Master Reef Guides, and therefore, we exclusively service the International Cruise Ship Market and some of our clients include Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise ship lines. We safely guide these large passenger ships in and around the Whitsunday Islands and other bespoke locations within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Australian Reef Pilots have been supplying these services to the Super Yachts during the past ten years with over 50 pilotages competed.