Cairns State High School

Chris Zilm

Pipeline and opportunities

Cairns State High School, established in 1917, is a school that values its long traditions yet also looks forward with energy to the future. The history of Cairns is tied to the history of its first and oldest High School – and the future of our city will continue to be linked closely with the city. That’s why our work is so important.

The school is highly desired as a school of first choice in Cairns with high demand for the limited places for enrolment year after year. Cairns State High School plays an active role in the community as part of Advance Cairns, representing on consultative groups and promoting student voice. Within the school, the learning and wellbeing programs ‘future proof’ our students with the skills, confidence and qualifications to flourish and be valued citizens of the world. We take an active role in preparing young people for emerging industries and form partnerships to provide a talent pipeline for a future workforce. This means that we are always searching for and creating opportunities for our students locally and globally – after all, we are the gateway to Asia and the rest of the world.

Preparation for an international future

Internationalism is an overarching principle which shapes Cairns State High School. It influences our curriculum, the programs we offer, our values and objectives. It also makes the school a leader in global education in Far North Queensland – and Australia.

The Council of International Schools’ accreditation puts us in an elite group of schools across the world that have met the organisation’s rigorous standards consistently over time. As part of this global network, Cairns State High School provides our students with access to global education, intercultural learning opportunities and international curriculum.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Cairns State High

Cairns State High School has delivered the IB Diploma Programme as a senior schooling pathway since 2010. The challenging two year program develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. The program also serves as a preparatory university course with the possibility of university credits. The school is very proud of the increasing numbers and calibre of graduates in each cohort.

Success pathways

As a comprehensive secondary school, Cairns State High values academic, trade and work pathways equally with specialist programs in place which develop 21st Century skills and prepare young people to take advantage of new technologies, engage in emerging industries and compete at an international level. We provide a pipeline of young people in the full range of service industries which support the Super Yachts industry and by being partnered with Super Yacht Group Great Barrier Reef, Cairns State High contributes to strengthening other partner businesses and ensuring a positive economic future for Cairns and young people.