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Address: Unit 13, 129-130 Lyons Street, Portsmith

Underwater asset inspection and recovery using smart drone technology

EdgeROV offers comprehensive water inspections for industries and various marine assets, including vessels, with services available in Cairns and from any port in the Pacific. An essential aspect of our offerings includes the retrieval of valuable assets submerged in waters too deep for conventional divers.

Among our service offerings, vessel hull inspections play a crucial role, encompassing damage assessments and monitoring biofouling levels. Recent amendments to Biofouling regulations by the Australian and New Zealand governments now mandate some visiting foreign vessels to demonstrate the absence of invasive species on their hulls. While initially directed at larger commercial vessels, these regulations could potentially extend to private vessel operators in the future. EdgeROV ensures compliance with all government reporting standards through the provision of detailed hull Biofouling reports.

With mandatory regular reporting obligations for Cruise Ships, EdgeROV is contracted to conduct routine inspections for these vessels across the Pacific. Additionally, we extend our services to private vessel owners, delivering cost-effective reports on hull conditions whether moored at a wharf or anchored. While our operations are based in the Port of Cairns, our capabilities span across the entire Pacific region.