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Address: 30 Water Street, Cairns City QLD

Smarter and More Efficient Everyday

EdgeROV is chosen distributor for French company, Notilo Plus’s, range of Underwater Unmanned Vehicles (UUV’s) because of the unique and patented smart technology they have developed for the UUV industry. One example is the software that enables the UUV to follow and video record a diver without the need for a tether or cables means this is the only true underwater drone in market today.

EdgeROV Australia are thrilled to be able to work with Notilo Plus as their Australian Distributor given our location in Cairns, the Dive capital of Australia. With direct flights to all capital cities plus an abundance of accommodation access to EdgeROV customer training facilities in Cairns, makes the location perfect.

Our business, EdgeROV, will not only distribute the product to other ROV operators around Australia but we will also sell direct to customer looking for their own drones. In the Cairns region we will also provide contracted services for local and visiting vessels that need safe underwater hull inspection and video records carried out.

Sesam and ibubble, the future is now

Both models are unique in that they are the only true underwater drones in the world. This means they don’t need any cables to operate. They can follow a diver or swimmer by tracking a beacon the diver carries on them and then film them at a distance. The diver uses a control to instruct the drone on where it’s to be positioned whilst underwater. Both drones can have GoPro attached and the commercial grade version, the Seasam, also has on board camera to capture. Both drones also use a Tether system to enable onshore or on vessel operation where a diver is not needed.