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Your gateway to Papua New GuineaSir Peter Barter

Melanesian Tourist Services provides a range of services and access to Papua New Guinea and surrounds.

Madang is the most popular port for cruise ships and motoryachts to visit in Papua New Guinea.  It is perfectly safe, an excellent harbour with access to the airport, road network and in the centre of the tourism region of Papua New Guinea including the Highlands, The Sepik, The Island and Coastal Region.

The wharf is located in the centre of the township, just 500m from the Madang Resort and Kalibobo Village Resort.

Entering Papua New Guinea

Foreign Vessels entering Papua New Guinea waters should provide at least 24 hours notice and should clear through recognised international port.

Entry and departure cards must be completed for all passengers.

If the vessel is intending to travel to ports in PNG other than those as certified international ports Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Officers may be required to travel aboard the vessel with Agent.  Inidivual application must be made at least 7 days prior to arrival for exemption.

Motoryachts and sailing boats stopping at intermediate islands and ports must obtain clearance from Agent and some restrictions could apply.


Any drugs or weapons not declared could result in the vessel being seized by customs and the captain and crew arrested.  Severe penalities apply in PNG.


MTS have 40 years experience in operating their own vessels throughout Papua New Guinea including the Sepik River.

Upon request we can arrange for experienced masters to act as guides to Masters of visiting vessels and expert lecturers and guides that can provide valuable and interesting information to passengers making their visit to PNG all the more interesting.