Milton Shipwrighting & Boat Building

Experts in Teak Decking, Veneering, Marine Glazing & Marine CabinetryCameron Jones

Our passion for precision work and unparalleled attention to detail is what sets us apart, and has solidified our reputation as the only choice for Superyacht work in the Cairns region.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide style, quality, functionality and durability to all of our projects, regardless of the scale of each project or the materials used.

We specialise in fit-outs, modifications, marine glazing, and repairs for Superyachts, luxury, commercial, and fishing vessels.

Comprehensive Shipwrighting and Boat Building to a luxury standard

Superyacht Work:

  • 2015 M/Y Serenity 55m , M/Y Serenity J 40m , M/Y DeLisle III 42m
  • 2014 M/Y Big Fish 45m, M/Y Aquamarina 50m, M/Y Blue Star 44m, M/Y Alucia 66m, M/Y Plan b 50m, M/Y James Kelly 11 28m
  • 2013 M/Y Awol, M/Y Keri-Lee III, M/Y VaVa II, M/Y Arctic, M/Y Two Angels, M/Y Silent World II