White Whale Coffee Roasters

Our promise is to supply specialty coffee, that does goodAli Slotemaker

Welcome to White Whale Coffee Roasters

We roast specialty fairly-traded coffee in small batches and sell espresso from a warehouse located in Portsmith, 3 minutes drive from the Cairns CBD.  We specialise in supply of coffee beans for home and business, such as cafes, restaurants & offices.  There are no big egos here, just a group of people who love coffee, learning about coffee and serving it with some sparkle. 

About our coffee

Our core principles focus on quality, appreciation and understanding of the beans we purchase, roast and serve; meaning our coffee is honest, refined and distinctive – you can taste the love! 

We offer a range of carefully blended & single origin coffee beans. As with any good coffee roaster, we purchase green beans seasonally meaning blends change slightly, single origins are here and then gone & from time to time a bean or blend is unavailable. This is a good thing.

We love what we do and happily share it with you. We believe there are no secrets in coffee and knowledge is power – power for positive change. We ask you to test our knowledge, make us grow & make us better; all for the benefit for specialty coffee. 

We have now teamed up with Reef Restoration Foundation, to assist them establish more ocean based coral nurseries to help regenerate damaged coral reefs on our Great Barrier Reef.  

Our promise is to supply specialty coffee, that does good.