Cairns' Super Yacht Ship Repairs

Cairns Seaport is the most northerly seaport on the east coast of Australia, and is home to a large and diverse marine sector, from fishing fleet to reef fleet; from small craft to super yachts; from cargo vessels to cruise liners – all have a place in Cairns Seaport. And with such a vibrant maritime industry, Cairns offers a host of servicing and supply businesses that support them with shipbuilding, maintenance and training skills and expertise.

The Cairns Marine Precinct

Super Yacht Great Barrier Reef Premier Shipyards in Cairns for Advanced Super Yachts

Quick Stats

There are 1,115 registered commercial vessels in Cairns and over 300 commercial passenger vessels registered in Cairns, making it the biggest in the State.

Cairns is home for one of the largest fishing fleets in Australia, with almost 400 fishing vessels.

With a turnover of $670 million, more than 4,500 people are employed in the region’s maritime sector, including 1,300 in the shipbuilding, repair and service sectors.

Outside of Sydney, Cairns is the most visited port for major cruise ships. It is the major marine training location for Queensland TAFE and the Great Barrier Reef International Marine College, has two commercial fishing bases, a naval base, a thriving super yacht industry and the largest concentration of dive tourism industry in the country.

Cairns’ Capabilities

The Cairns Region has significant ability in maritime servicing at 3 major slipways, all with considerable experience, capacity and a reputation for quality service.

AUSTAL Cairns Slipways
(Luxury Yacht, Medium Commercial, Defense: Lloyd's Accredited)

Tropical Reef Shipyard
(Heavy Commercial, Defense: Lloyd's Accredited)

(Recreational & Luxury, Light Commercial, Defense & Customs: Lloyd's Accredited)

Each slipway has differing capacities and niche qualities, and all offer a quality product. They have the ability to provide maintenance on a wide variety of vessel types with slipway trolley lift capacity up to 100 meters and 3000 tonnes, and travel lift facilities up to 400 tonnes. Other services include dry docks, undercover warehouse storage, in water berths to 100m, under cover paint sheds to 80m, engineering and cleaning, painting and abrasive blasting.

Super Yacht Group Great Barrier Reef Luxury Vessel Refits in Cairns
Super Yacht Great Barrier Reef Industrial Shipyards in Cairns

Centrally located

Through the combination of these three company’s capacities almost all of the maritime servicing is available in one central location, catering for every super yacht need. Their close proximity and willingness to work together offers owners, captains and crew greater flexibility and opportunity.

In addition, Cairns Marlin Marina with 12 dedicated world class super yacht berths to 130m, and wharf berthing for larger draft vessels to 300m ,will also allow routine maintenance to be carried out whilst alongside.

A dedicated Super Yacht cluster helps cater to a growing demand for associated services, with Cairns attracting a consistent super yacht market that demands exacting services in an industry capacity worth $25 million to the region. All major international luxury yacht products and systems can be purchased, maintained, installed and serviced in Cairns. Well over 100 businesses operate in the marine servicing sector, from engine and generator suppliers, shipping agents to naval architects. In addition, to mechanical and engineering capability, interior refits and rebuilds to luxury standard are also achievable.