Julia Zaltzman, Editor and Journalist in Superyachts, Travel , Lifestyle and Property

This was, by far, the most incredible famil trip I have ever had the pleasure to be invited on. The planning was meticulous from beginning to end with every possible angle or opportunity considered to make our experience as exceptional as possible. The Great Barrier Reef is an inspirational region, with an abundance of natural wonders to offer – from the reef to the rainforest – but also an inviting infrastructure that is positively working towards making it the pinnacle of yachting destinations. The enthusiasm of everyone that we met to communicate the beauty of the area and to truly educate with ocean conservation in mind was unrivaled. The passion is real, the experience was life-affirming, and I came away completely motivated to do all I can to ensure that the truth about the Great Barrier Reef is conveyed, understood and, of course, enjoyed!