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Kimberley Cruising Itinerary

The Kimberley’s are one of Australia’s most remote and untouched superyacht charter experiences. With amazing natural wildlife to view, cultural offerings of indigenous rock art, soaring cliff faces, breathtaking waterfalls, phenomenal fishing and even some of the world’s oldest living creatures, the crocodile as company, this charter is not for the feint hearted.

Day 1

We arrive at Koolama Bay at the mouth of the King George River. Koolama Bay is located 215 nm from Darwin on the south western side of Joseph Bonaparte Gulf and is your first introduction to what will be a week of wildlife sightings, impressive natural scenery and ancient Aboriginal rock art. From Koolama Bay we navigate into the mouth of the King George and up to our first night’s anchorage. From here, guests are tendered to a small gorge, before a short challenging climb ends at one of the Kimberly’s most beautiful freshwater swimming holes with cool deep water; the perfect spot to have a light lunch and cool off. We then bush walk past the swimming hole, to rock art galleries, then head back onboard for sunset drinks.

Day 2

We navigate up-river to our second anchorage. The day’s activities can begin with a fishing safari in the tender, including mud crabbing and bait gathering – species often caught include Barramundi, Mangrove Jack and Threadfin Salmon. Alternatively, guests might opt for a river cruise to spot the unique flora and fauna of this part of the world, and while away the hours croc-spotting. We soon shift the yacht up to her night anchorage, from which we have a grandstand view of the falls if we catch the King George in the right season. If the falls are flowing, you will be offered one of the most amazing experiences of a waterfall shower whilst sitting on the bow. The cliffs in the afternoon’s setting sun are an amazing sight and a great place to enjoy sunset cocktails and watch as they change colours before our eyes.

Day 3

For the more adventurous, a challenging climb – follow your guide up to the top of the King George plateau were you will be greeted with breathtaking views back over the towering gorges of the King George River, and of your anchorage. During the walk to the top of the plateau we generally encounter wildlife, including wallabies, dingoes and brolgas – then continuing on past the falls for just over a kilometer, we’re treated to fresh water billabongs with abundant bird life and a great place for a cool off before the return hike. As the sun sets in the afternoon, we cruise back down river in preparation for departure from the King George the following morning.

Day 4

We depart King George bound for Berkeley River; an easy voyage of just over four hours, which sees you and your guests navigating down the south western side of Bonaparte Gulf. These waters are teeming with fish and a great place to stock up on freshly-caught bottom fish like Gold Banned Snapper or Red Emperor. We enter the Berkeley River and navigate up stream to the night’s secure anchorage.

Day 5

On waking, guests can take the tender to Casuarina falls and walk to the top for a stunning view of an otherworldly landscape. Upstream of the falls are not only freshwater pools with an abundance of wildlife, but also well-preserved Bradshaw rock paintings to visit. The age in which this rock art was created is still disputed by scholars, but what is certain is that the figures adorned with bags, tassels and headdresses, never fail to leave an impression. Once back onboard, your captain turns upstream for an afternoon cruise through the amazing Berkeley River Gorge, with 100 meter high cliffs towering either side of the river – a chance to see a very large croc in residence around this area. We then anchor for the night off the entrance to Amphitheatre Falls.

Day 6

We visit the Amphitheatre Falls, fishing the edges of the Berkeley River gorge for yield of Barramundi and Mangrove Jack with the high cliffs provide shade from the Kimberly sun. After a leisurely lunch, we take an afternoon tender cruise to visit Red Amphitheatre Falls and take guests to the headwaters of the Berkeley River.

Day 7

For a perspective of the magnitude of the Kimberley region, guests take to the skies with helicopter tours of the region, visiting isolated billabongs, waterfalls, and wild life. The afternoon’s activities see the yacht’s crew whisk guests to the top of the Berkeley River for a BBQ and cocktails around fresh water swimming holes. On the return to the yacht we cruise with the sunset out to our Casuarina Creek anchor for the night, to depart the following morning bound for Darwin.



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