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Coral Sea Foundation

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Address: Cairns

 Superyacht Guiding Services

Coral Sea Foundation founder Dr Andy Lewis is one of the most skilled and widely-traveled ecotourism professionals in the Indo-Pacific region, with a strong background in small ship adventure cruising. Between 2006 and 2017 he managed the ecotourism activities aboard the luxury vessel True North, delivering outstanding guest experiences across a wide variety of tropical locations, from Northern Australia through Indonesia, West Papua, PNG and Solomon Islands.

Dr Andy can offer the following services to visiting superyachts:

Professional Marine Biology Guide

Dr Andy has a PhD in coral reef ecology from James Cook University and thousands of hours logged underwater as a marine scientist, dive master and snorkelling ecotourism guide. Andy can ensure client vessels are optimally located for exploring the tropical coral reef environments of the Coral Sea Region, and his knowledge of marine biology adds excitement and exceptional value to the daily guest experiences. Andy is an experienced public speaker and educator, capable of explaining marine science in a clear and compelling style for a wide range of audiences, from school children to highly-educated business people and fellow scientists. Cruising guest feedback consistently notes that Andy’s extensive knowledge and passion for the ocean was a highlight of their onboard experience and added immensely to their enjoyment of the voyage.

Remote-area Expedition Planning

Andy has decades of experience in maritime operations on the Great Barrier Reef and the waters of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands, as both a professional mariner and watchkeeper, and as a marine biology guide. He has been involved with planning and delivering exploratory voyages in Cenderawasih Bay, the Bismarck Sea, the Solomon Sea, Milne Bay and Louisiade Archipelago, Bougainville and Solomon Islands, and his portfolio of vessel anchorages and high-quality dive and snorkel sites is extensive. Andy is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and Tok Pisin, and his experiences of living and working with native people means he can ensure smooth relations between visiting vessels and local landowners. Andy can work with yacht owners, Masters and operations managers to ensure that voyages into remote locations of the Indo-Pacific are planned and delivered in a professional, safe, and exciting manner.

Photography and Videography

Dr Andy is an experienced and award-winning nature and landscape photographer and videographer. He can assist clients to obtain the best from their own photography, or compile a professional portfolio of imagery to document the guest experience while on cruise. Andy specialises in underwater photography using natural light, and his portfolio may be viewed at

Philanthropy and Humanitarian aid in Melanesia

Dr Andy is keenly aware that the quality of a voyage is heavily dependant on the natural assets of the cruising destination. The Coral Sea Foundation is committed to pragmatic and effective action to establish marine reserves around Melanesia to safeguard some of the best and most biodiverse coral reefs on the planet, for the benefit of the local people, the global community, and visiting superyacht guests. Through their training programs for indigenous women, and grassroots engagement with local villages, the Foundation assists landowners to setup and manage marine reserves on their traditional sea country, and they support participating communities with clean water, medical aid, and educational materials. The Foundation has a target list of high-quality reef and island sites that urgently require assistance with marine reserve planning, and they welcome all participation in that endeavour. Superyacht clients and guests that share an appreciation and concern for the unspoilt natural places of our region, and would like to participate in effective philanthropy, will find that supporting the Coral Sea Foundation is a pragmatic and effective way to deliver that outcome.