Trinity Petroleum Services

Cairns most experienced marine fuel & lubricant suppliers.Rovert Salerno

Over 20 years experience in supplying marine fuels & lubricants to luxury and commercial vessels.
Mother ship & marine bunker services available.

Refuelling Options

Option 1: Re-fuelling Wharf:

Superyachts over 50m will require a pilot and coordinate with the timetable of all other vessels in Cairns.

Option 2: Re-fuelling at Sailfish Quay, Marlin Marina. Marina berths 1-7 – This is the most convenient method.

Trinity Petroleum are the only licensed fuel transporter allowed to drive onto the Marina.

Superyachts can organise their fuel direct or through the agent. Trinity Petroleum is a Mobil distributor, however, they can buy whichever fuel the yacht requires and through whatever method.